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School Portal System


Ugolysoft develops school portal systems. Having insight in educational system, these portal are comprehensive for both secondary schools and higher institutions. It serves different functions for the administration, staff, parents and students. For instance, in secondary school portal, parents and students could have easy access to information via the portal, also students' results could be viewed on this website. Ugolysoft designs these sites with customized functions serving specific needs of the institution in accordance with the web needs of the school and the school policy. This is almost indispensable now as we are in the jet age.

Features of Secondary School Portal

  1. User      (Self) portal

a.       Administration portal

b.      Staff portal

c.       Student portal

d.      Guardian/Parent portal

  • Home Page: Well organized home or index page featuring login form, our mission, principal welcome message, school                     announcement,      school events, school calendar, publications and stylish changing school picture
  • About Us:

a.       School album

b.      School history

c.       School administration and staff

d.      School uniform (image, description and style)

e.       School cost

f.       School rules and policies

g.      enrollment

h.      Dynamic upload of new “about us” messag

  • Contact Us:

a.       Enquiry form

b.      Feedback form

c.       School contact information including phone number and email

  •  Publications:

a.       Staff publication(s)/articles

b.      Student publication(s)/articles

c.       Comments on published article

  •  School Events:

a.       Date of event

b.      Event message

c.       Auto removal of event when expired

  •   Announcement:

a.       Published date and program date

b.      Announcement message

c.       Auto removal of announcement when expired

  • School Calendar:

a.       Range of time

b.      Activities

  1. Computer      Base Test system: This system is used to take      examination or practice how to write online examination. It can be access      by any student and only provide questions base on subject, level and      available questions.
  2. Question      Bank: the system provide question bank for teachers      to save questions related to his/her subject(s)
  3. Inventory      Manager: This system keeps records of school      properties to ensure effective management.
  4. Enquiry      Option: This system enables visitors to      enquire about the school.
  5. Photo      Gallery: This system groups the school      pictures base on criteria and displays them to viewers dynamically
  6. In-built Administration Rules; this system has an      inbuilt administration functions  such as:

a.       Promote/retain student at the end of every third term

b.      Verify every input before uploading to the server

c.       Prevent side script injection and any other system attack from hackers

d.      Limit size of uploading files

e.       Auto generation of password and username to newly registered staff, student and parent/guardian

f.       User authentication before being allowed into user pages

g.      Requires password confirmation before any critical action like delete or edit can be taken.

h.      Can encrypt password if required (this feature is not wise for students since they can easily forget their password)

i.        Generate annual result automatically after every third



1.      Administration Portal: This body performs the following tasks -

i.  Students and Guardian Management

·         Registration of students and guardian

·         Send notice to the guardian through email

·         Can promote students after being failed by the system based on specified requirement

·         Review students article before publication

ii.  Staff Management

·         Registration of all member of staff of the school

·         Assign official duties to all member of staff (academic and non-academic) as and when due

·         Review staff’s article before publication

·         Review questions set by the staff on all subjects

·         Can delete staff from database

iii.  Subject Management

·         Provide subjects offered in the school

·         Can edit/delete subject as required

·         Upload/edit/delete subject’s scheme of work

·         Review each subject questions set by the staff

iv.  Receive and treat all reports, enquiries or feedback from parents or anonymous 

v.  Publish/edit/delete school announcement, events and calendar

vi  Upload/delete school pictures

vii.  Record school properties (Inventory management)

2.      Student Portal:  this system provides student’s information and information needed by the student in wholly. In addition, student can use the following functions:

i.  Check their results online.

ii.  Use online computer base test to practice how to write online test.

iii.  Publish article

iv.  Comments on published articles

v.  Read online notes

3.      Parent Portal: Through this system a parent can view his/her child’s performance and make a report to the school without actually coming to the school.

i.  Can view child’s result

ii.  Can comment on articles written by either staff or student

iii.  Can rate the school management performance

iv.  Can make report to the school on abuse, maltreatments or other offense to the school administration 

4.      Staff Portal: this system manages staff information and their duties such as:

  1.                 i. Take record of students’ attendance and neatness by class master/mistress
  1.                              ii. Upload students’ assignment, test and exam scores

iiiUpload questions base on his/her academic duty

ivPublish article

v.  Update personal data


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